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Track: Dandy in Love
Artist: 向井秀徳
Album: TVアニメ「スペース☆ダンディ」O.S.T.1 ベストヒット BBP



It kills me that the song playing while Dandy is searching for Adelie’s grandpa is titled “Dandy In Love.”


i know which day of the week it is just by the anime on my dashboard

noriko was crying onstage after the pv/heavens feel announcement though……..i’m so happy for her…….its finally happening…………

Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel route to be adapted as a movie by ufotable, while the October 2014 remake will adapt the Unlimited Blade Works route.


Holy shit.


my beautiful children who deserved so much better


for the super sweet kziq!! happy birthday meri, there’s no one else i’d rather watch movies with ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


“My Stand bears the Chariot Card… Silver Chariot!”

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Jean Pierre Polnareff

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure