If I pull that off, would you die?

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last semester i was Really Down and Upset (but also kinda lazy) and i didnt hand in all my assignments and my grades went shit and i failed classes BUT this semester i’m trying really hard not to let my mood affect my work and i jjust finished my first wave of essays and it was hard but i’m?!?! SO PROUD OF MYSELF I’VE DONE SO MUCH



young Snack and some of his doges 

i’ve been working on this essay for at least 6 hours today and now im just

Track: When your friend starts liking your waifu


miller is later spotted making a frantic phone call to cecile, begging her to come back


hi everyone, i’m captain falcon, it feels great to be back in the new Super Smash Bros. Good Evening.


Berserk Golden Age Arc III: The Advent